WebTMS (Ticket Management System)

About WTMS

UNCC is pleased to announce the WebTMS (Ticket Management System). This program is available to all Tier One members in Colorado. The WebTMS product will assist organizations in receiving, storing and archiving their locate requests. The hardware for the program resides at UNCC, thus eliminating the cost to the member.

How WTMS works

Locate information, received through WebTMS, is managed by the Tier One Member, customizing its’ needs, within the bounds of WebTMS programming. They can select administrators, set up multiple users, see a display for dispatchers and make multiple choices through in-house organizing. UNCC maintains the hardware/server at the Golden office, while the Tier One Member utilizing the program is able to control its’ use.

General Information

Archives are generated on the 1st of each month. If the last sequence date in the archive is less than 1 month old, then the archive is not ‘Final’ and will be regenerated when the last sequence date is at least 1 month old. This is done so that ticket responses at the end of each month are captured in the final archive version. The server generates archives between 1AM and 5AM. Archives listed ‘Waiting to be processed’ will be processed during that time slot. In some cases, it may take the system 2 days to generate all archives for all users, especially January 1 and February 1, when yearly archives are also generated and then re-generated.


Archives are in Microsoft Access MDB format. Each archive contains all ticket data for their specified sequence date range, as well as all Auto-Assign, Local-Area, Positive Responses and/or grid selections.


One (1) year of data is actively stored for each member. At the end of the first ninety (90) days, a notice to archive the first thirty (30) days of locate information is sent as a reminder. An archive tool is provided through WebTMS. The Tier One Member can transfer this information to the storage of their choice.


The ticket archives can be stored in any media of your choice (i.e. CD/DVD, external hard drive or database server). Downloading all archives and the preservation of the data is the responsibility of the member/user.


The UNCC WebTMS (Ticket Management System) electronically stores UNCC locate requests received from excavators and allows Tier One members to manage the locate requests using the internet or internet web based access. The server that maintains the locate request and related information resides at and is maintained at UNCC. Learn More

User Guide

WebTMS can be launched either from the WebTMS web page, which requires initial setup for . NET and Internet Explorer, or by running WebTMS from a locally installed copy. Running the WebTMS client application from a web page is straight forward; simply click the link “Run WebTMS directly from your browser. Learn More