WebTMS Resource Material

WebTMS Archiving

All Colorado 811 members utilizing the WebTMS product are expected to download their ticket archives from the WebTMS server on a monthly basis. All WebTMS Administrators receive an e-mail on the 1st of the month alerting which archive is ready for download.

Beginning July 1, 2012, all Colorado 811 members utilizing WebTMS will be required to have all archives downloaded from the WebTMS servers, up to and including May 31, 2012. In August 2012, Colorado 811 will begin purging all data prior to 2011 from the WebTMS servers. It will further be the responsibility of the member/user to download their ticket archives every month from that time forward. The ticket archives can be stored in any media of your choice (i.e. CD/DVD, external hard drive or database server). Downloading all archives and the preservation of the data is the responsibility of the member/user.

Colorado 811 will retain one (1) year of archives on the WebTMS servers.

WebTMS Archiving – General Information

Archives are generated on the 1st of each month. If the last sequence date in the archive is less than 1 month old, then the archive is not ‘Final’ and will be regenerated when the last sequence date is at least 1 month old. This is done so that ticket responses at the end of each month are captured in the final archive version.

The server generates archives between 1AM and 5AM. Archives listed ‘Waiting to be processed’ will be processed during that time slot. In some cases, it may take the system 2 days to generate all archives for all users, especially January 1 and February 1, when yearly archives are also generated and then re-generated.

Archives are in Microsoft Access MDB format. Each archive contains all ticket data for their specified sequence date range, as well as all Auto-Assign, Local-Area, Positive Responses and/or grid selections.

Archiving Procedures

Below are the step by step instructions for downloading the WebTMS Archives

  1. Go to http://wtms.uncc.org
  2. Click on the “Login” button
  3. Type in your WebTMS username and password
  4. Click on the “Archives” link on the left hand side of the webpage
  5. Click on the desired link under the “Download ZIP File” column to download the ZIP folder. Click on save button and save it to a destination of your choice (i.e. local computer, CD/DVD or an external hard drive)

**Archives are in Microsoft Access Database format and all tables can be linked by the ticket number.

**Be sure to wait until the archive reads “YES” under the “Final” column. There is still some processing happening on the server-side for the archives that state “NO” under “Final”.