Subsurface Utility Engineering Request

A Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Request is processed when the project is designed by a licensed professional engineer and the project will include the investigation and depiction of existing underground facilities that meet or exceed the ASCE 38 standard. A SUE required project means a project that meets ALL of the following conditions:
  • The project involves a construction contract with a public entity.
  • The project involves primarily horizontal construction and does not involve primarily the construction of buildings.
  • The project has an anticipated excavation footprint that exceeds two feet in depth and is a contiguous one thousand feet or involves utility boring.
Recommended Facility Owner Response: Facility owners/operators must respond within ten business days with one of the following:
  • Provide underground facility location records that give the available information on the location
  • Provide marks on the ground that give the approximate location
  • Provide available information as to the approximate location
*Not to include depth for all of the above*