Road Grading Request

A Road Grading Request is only for annual road maintenance conducted by a governmental agency on an existing unpaved road that does not exceed six inches in depth (grading to be performed between shoulders of road only).

A Road Grading ticket does not include any work performed in ditches (i.e. fore slope, flow line, back slope; not to exceed six inches in depth). The markings shall be considered valid for up to one hundred and eighty days.

Road Grading Ticket Process:

  • It is the county’s responsibility to create a Road Grading ticket ten days prior to the commencement of all grading activities being performed within county limits.
  • When a Road Grading ticket is generated a countywide notification for all roads within a county that need to be graded is sent out to area utility providers.
  • If needed locates have not been completed by a utility provider within ten days of receiving the Road Grading ticket, a grading excavator will contact the ticket notification center for an excavator re-notification. This secondary notification will be only for the utility providers who failed to respond to the initial notice only. After the utility re-notification has been performed the road grading may proceed.
  • While performing grading activities, the operator must follow all laws in regards to excavating within a tolerance zone.

Recommended Facility Owner Response:

  • Upon receipt of the notification, an owner or operator has ten business days to coordinate the excavation activity with the governmental agency.
  • Utility providers will ensure facilities that are in conflict are properly marked with paint, “whiskers”, or permanent marker on the public right of way delineating the path of facility utility lines.
  • If a facility owner chooses to place permanent markers in the public right of way, documentation of conflicts found should be sent as an email attachment in response to the Road Grading ticket.