SUMMER 2017 – Vol.3 Issue 4

811 Day – 811 Run, 5k Run/Walk

Don’t forget to register for the second annual 811 Run on Saturday, August 12th at the Apex Center in Arvada. This family friendly (that includes your pups) 5k run/walk will educate you about 811/Call Before You Dig.

Registration is only $8.11 – this includes a running shirt, 811 cape, breakfast and giveaways. Don’t miss out, register here Not a runner? Help support the event by volunteering, click here for more information.

Expedite is Now Available for Excavator Members

 Colorado 811 is excited to announce the launch of their newest damage prevention software, available exclusively for all CO811 Excavator Members. Expedite allows users to manage locate tickets and positive responses in one centrally organized place. Expedite helps Excavator Members view all tickets that were called into 811 or processed online by one or all employees, on any browser and any device, when the same phone number or business name is used.

Expedite Requirements:

  • The company must be registered with Colorado 811 as an Excavator Member, annual membership fee of $100.00
  • Expedite is intended solely for professional excavators
  • The user will accept responsibility and liability for all functions preformed in Expedite

Download the Excavator Membership application here.

As an Excavator Member you have representation on Colorado 811’s Board of Directors under the excavator category. This will allow you to vote for the Excavator Director and even run to represent your peers on the Colorado 811 Board of Directors.

It’s important to have Excavator representation on the Colorado 811 Board of Directors to know other excavators, hear their point of view and have a voice. Your Excavator Director can be a resource to you and also listen and coach to help in resolving industry issues and make advancements in damage prevention.

Fore more information on Excavator Membership and Expedite, please contact Colorado 811’s Member Services Department at [email protected]. The Excavator Board of Director is Toni Pascal with Pascal Construction, she can be reached at [email protected].

Colorado 811 Takes on Ride the Rockies
Colorado 811 Ride the Rockies team (from left to right): Marty Mead, Colorado 811 Director of Damage Prevention, Greg Ralph, Purgatory Resort, April Prout – Ralph, Colorado 811 Damage Prevention Liaison, Pat Mead, Comcast, J.D. Maniscalco, Colorado 811 CEO.

Climbing mountains for seven consecutive days on two wheels is no small feat for any athlete, that includes the Colorado 811 Ride the Rockies cycling team. Ride the Rockies is an annual bike tour that brings approximately 2,000 riders together on a seven-day grueling ride over Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. For the fifth year in a row Colorado 811 secured a spot in this monumental cycling event.

The riders kicked off day one by riding from Alamosa to Pagosa Springs with a fierce headwind that continued throughout the day. Day two was Pagosa to Durango where the CO811 team was greeted by Damage Prevention Liaison, April Prout-Ralph. April and her husband Greg hosted the team at their house in Durango for the next few days. Day three was the Durango Loop that headed west out of town, to Hesperus and then around Lake Nighthorse with a fast descent into town. On day four the riders where met with three mountain passes when they rode from Durango to Ridgeway. Day five was a short ride of 32.4 miles which gave everyone a chance for their legs to recover, while enjoying a beer at a local brewery. On day six the route took the cyclists from Montrose to Gunnison and on the last day, day seven, they made the strenuous ride over Monarch Pass into Salida with a much needed tailwind to push them to the finish line.

Nominations and Voting for Board of Directors 

On July 14th nomination emails and letter went out to members of the below categories requesting  each of our members to nominate someone in their category that would like to be part of the Colorado 811 Board of Directors.1.  Cable TV – Frank Trujillo (Comcast)
2.  Communications – Thomas Sturmer (Centurylink)
3.  Electric Co-op – Cody O’Neil (Holy Cross Energy)
4.  Electric Distribution – Brad Vitale (Xcel Energy)
5.  Government – Gary Behlen (Town of Erie)
6.  Excavator Director – Toni Pascal (Pascal Construction Company) – ONE YEAR TERM
7.  Tier Two – Eddie Hernandez (Denver Water) – ONE YEAR TERMNominations end August 7, 2017.Please contact Jen Wilson [email protected] if you did not receive this email/letter and are currently in one of these categories.

Damage Prevention Agent, John Tendell Retires from CO811

Colorado 811 celebrated the retirement of Damage Prevention Agent, John Tendell on June 30, 2017. John’s journey with CO811 started after he retired from the military in 2006. John is an all-around people person, who radiates positivity with everyone he interacts with. John’s impact on damage prevention could be seen and heard nationwide, this was demonstrated in a song he wrote and produced called “The 811 Song”, which was shared with industry stakeholders at the 2013 Common Ground Alliance Conference and Expo. John plans on returning to the south with his wife Ethel and pursuing his passion of music.


Targeted Attacks on Utility Infrastructure
Paradigm Table Top Event

Colorado 811, in conjunction with Paradigm Liaison Services, will host a pipeline safety and awareness program that will include critical emergency response for threats against our national pipeline system. This table top event will be targeted to emergency responders. For more information on this event please contact Brent Sumner at [email protected].

Event location and date to be determined. 



Upcoming Events

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Winter 2016 – Vol.3 Issue 2

Colorado 811 Celebrates 30 Years of Damage Prevention 


Keeping Colorado’s infrastructure safe for three decades

Colorado 811 is celebrating its 30th year anniversary and we wish to express a heartfelt appreciation to our members, the excavating community, Colorado residents and all other industry stakeholders. Over the past 30 years our industry has evolved in a way we could only hope for.

Shared industry accomplishments include:

  • Fostered an atmosphere of wellness, family culture and work-life balance to maintain an engaged and successful workforce
  • Mandatory One-Call membership for utility owners in the State of Colorado
  • Civil penalties for non-compliance with One-Call legislation
  • Pipeline Safety Act of 1992
  • Accountable Pipeline Safety and Partnership Act of 1996
  • Establish telecommuter program for workforce
  • State Damage Reporting (Colorado was the first state to mandate damage reporting to the One-Call Center in 2001)
  • Pipeline Safety Improvement Act of 2002
  • Designed and built new headquarters facility in 2004
  • Implemented digital mapping and polygons for member notifications/transmissions in 2004
  • Designation of 811 3-digit dialing by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2004, implemented in 2007
  • Development of nation’s only County Damage Report Card in 2008
  • Formation of Colorado Damage Prevention Action Team (CDPAT) in 2008
  • Implemented an enhanced asset management and capital planning tool in 2009
  • Purchased our own software company (Norfield Data Partners) in 2014
  • Designed and created Damage Prevention Liaison Department in 2014
  • Partnering with E911 and the Governors Office of Information and Technology (OIT) in 2015 to receive better GIS data

Thank you to all our stakeholders who have united with Colorado 811 to improve safety and damage prevention to keep our state protected from underground utility damages. We plan to continue our work as an industry leader by utilizing technology and partnerships and providing outstanding customer service.

811’s Tenth Year Anniversary 
The Damage Prevention Industry celebrates 811 in creative ways 

To celebrate ten years of 811 as the national phone number designated by the Federal Communications Commission to connect homeowners and professional excavators to their local One-Call centers, the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) and industry stakeholders have planned various campaigns for 2017. One campaign is the 811 video Challenge, watch CO811’s acceptance video here. The full 811 video challenge will be aired at the CGA Excavation Safety Conference and Expo in March.

Download the 811 10th Anniversary Logo here.

Sandy Samuelson Retires After 26-Year Career   
Colorado 811 Says Goodbye to a Damage Prevention Pioneer

Sandy Samuelson is a true damage prevention pioneer, she became involved with damage prevention over 26 years ago, when she worked for United Power. Colorado 811 had been established for just over four years when she was offered a position that included managing member databases and mapping.

During Sandy’s time with Colorado 811 she grew the membership from 32 to 1,578. She also helped develop, implement and promote Positive Response and Web TMS. Sandy made it her goal when working with members, excavators and co-workers to build genuine relationships. Whether it was baking for a special occasion, or making homemade holiday cards, she went above and beyond her job to make everyone around her feel special.

Congratulations to Sandy on her remarkable career with Colorado 811!


Member Services Announces the Release of Expedite
New database allows excavators to manage tickets in one central place

The Expedite program was developed for CO811’s Excavator Membership. Its purpose is to allow excavator members to view all tickets that were called into 811 or processed online by one or all employees in a central place.

Expedite also allows the excavator to update a ticket with a click of a button as well as view positive responses on a ticket. Expedite holds 30 days worth of data, which can be quickly and easily accessed.

Excavator membership is a $100 fee, due annually. Join Colorado 811 Excavator Membership to gain access. For more information on Expedite, please contact Member Services at [email protected]

JJ Harrison Spreads the Safe Digging Message

Rodeo Clown, JJ Harrison doesn’t clown around when it comes to digging 

Rodeo clown, JJ Harrison has been involved with 811 since 2012 when he partnered with the Pipeline Association for Public Awareness. Since 2012 he has become a representative and true supporter of the 811/Call Before You Dig message.

Because of his commitment to the industry, CO811 has partnered with JJ for their 2017 Colorado Broadcasters Association NCSA (Non-Commercial Supporting Announcement) campaign. The NCSA program is for nonprofits who have a community serving message to share across the state of Colorado. CO811’s 2017 TV and radio commercials will air in English and Spanish across 38 TV stations and 197 radio stations from mid-March through September. View the 2017 commercial here.

Board of Director Spotlight: Ryan Echer

How did you get involved with Damage Prevention?
I started being involved in Damage Prevention in 2005. I had been promoted into a job at the time that Damage Prevention was a high priority. I instantly realized how important Damage Prevention was to the industry as well as the public.  If we can save one life or prevent one injury by promoting safe digging practices and 811, we have successfully accomplished what we are striving for.What is your vision for damage prevention in the future? 
The vision I foresee in a one word is ZERO!
Zero people getting injured or worse.
Zero impacts that impact the operations of all the utility companies and their customers.I also envision a mindset within the excavation community where picking up the phone and calling in for locates is as normal as putting your seatbelt on while getting into a vehicle.  While Colorado 811 has been a leader in education for Damage Prevention we can still do better.  At CO811 we will always continue to push for Zero!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
I love playing golf, hunting and spending time with my family. I hit my first and only “hole in one” last year. I would like to say it was skill, but anyone who has golfed with me would strongly disagree.  I also enjoy being a volunteer coach for my son’s football team.

Ryan Echer is the Sr. Manager (Northern Colorado Operations) for Black Hills Energy and represents Gas Distribution members.

Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Wilson

How did you get started working at Colorado 811?  
A staffing company referred me to Colorado 811 five years ago when their Administrative Assistant position was available. JD, Jose and Marty were scrambling to fill the position given the late notice of their previous assistant. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!What is your favorite part about your role in damage prevention?
My favorite role in the damage prevention industry is having the ability to assist everyone within and outside of the office. I work with so many wonderful people, including our staff members, board members and the general public. Bringing everyone together and accommodating the needs of others is very rewarding.What interests do you have outside of work?
Hiking, biking, rafting, spending time with my family and friends, and sipping on wine. I have always loved being adventurous and trying new things.Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. 
I love adrenalin! Anything from rollercoasters, to sky-diving, bungee jumping, traveling to new places and eating at new places has always been exciting for me.Jennifer Wilson is Colorado 811’s Administrative Assistant, she has been with CO811 for five years.  

2017 Spring Trade Shows and Expos
Damage Prevention Liaisons statewide home & garden show schedule 
Colorado Farm Show – Greeley | Jan. 24 – Jan. 26, 2017
Montrose Home & Garden Show – Montrose | Feb. 23 – Feb. 25, 2017
Colorado Garden & Home Show – Denver | Feb. 4 – Feb. 12, 2017
Tribune Home & Garden Show – Greeley | March 3 – March 5, 2017
HBA Home Builder’s Expo – Grand Junction | March 3 – March 5, 2017
Nationwide Expo – Castle Rock | March 31 – April 2, 2017
Four Corners Home & Garden Show – Cortez | April 7 – April 8, 2017
Durango Home & Ranch Show – Durango | April 28 – April 30, 2017
Chaffee County Home & Garden Show – Salida | April 28 – April 30, 2017
Pueblo Home & Outdoor Living Expo – Pueblo | April 28 – April 30, 2017
Nationwide Expo – Grand Junction | May 19 – May 21, 2017For
Damage Prevention Liaison contact information view the regional liaison map.

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Fall 2016 – Vol.3 Issue 1


Fall 2016 – Vol.3 Issue 1

Colorado 811 Legislative Update

CO811 CEO, J.D. Maniscalco & CO811 Chairman of the Board, Brad Vitale

Colorado has had a damage prevention One-Call Law for three decades. The lack of a statewide enforcement authority at times has left stakeholders powerless to take active efforts when entities are noncompliant. On October 11, 2016, a legislative meeting was held at the Colorado State Capitol to begin a discussion about improvements to the current One-Call Law. Senator Ray Scott and House of Representatives Jon Becker, Dominick Moreno and Faith Winter were present along with regulators, lobbyist, facility owners and operators, excavators and One-Call personnel.Colorado’s legislative situation is very similar to a seat belt law without enforcement by police officers. If officers never checked to see if people were wearing seat belts, drivers who violated the law would most likely not change their behavior, because citations would not be issued. Colorado has had several amendments to the current law throughout the years, helping to make it among the safest states in the mountain west region. The law was last updated in 2009, but still lacked the enforcement language. The intent of having stakeholders present is not to modify the One-Call Law, or to punish individuals, but to get people to change behavior. The percentage of damages that Colorado facility owners experience on a yearly basis is still right below 30% with no locate request. Colorado 811 has been working with the One-Call Legislative Task Force to commission a Colorado Underground Damage Prevention Study to give stakeholders a better understanding of the current state of damage prevention in regards to:

  • State Wide Enforcement Authority
  • Architects Engineering Information
  • Locate Performance
  • Damage Reporting to CO811
  • Tiered Membership
  • Excavator Notification
  • Damage Incidence – State Comparison

The outcome of the October 11th meeting suggested that stakeholders will begin to draft language that addresses the issues heard during the meeting, with that said; over the next several months damage prevention stakeholders will meet and draft legislative language in an effort to enhance the current law. We look forward to reviewing the draft language in the near future and working with all of our constituents as the process moves forward. We have created a legislative area on our website to house proposed legislative verbiage and other relevant material to allow for an open exchange of ideas and concepts. Please visit for further details.

National Customer Service Appreciation Week

Colorado 811’s Damage Prevention Agents are frontline heroes

Customer Service Week is an international event devoted to recognizing the importance of customer service and to honoring the people who serve and support customers each day.

Celebrated annually during the first full week in October, Customer Service Week has grown into an international event, which is celebrated in all 50 states and over 40 countries and we are very pleased to be one of the many companies that participated this year!

Here at Colorado 811, our Damage Prevention Agents are the frontline heroes. Because of this, we planned an exciting week filled with activities to celebrate the important role they play in safety and the excavation industry. Team building activities ranged from squirt gun painting to 811 Pictionary. We encouraged casual attire during the week and gave away various prizes to winners of the team building activities.

The Damage Prevention Agents were given capes to symbolize the heroic work they do everyday.

Colorado 811 Welcomes a New Website Design gets a makeover with a clean and easy to navigate website redesign

Last week Colorado 811 unveiled a new website design and layout to The main objective in redesigning the website was to simplify the navigation process. To help users access information a dynamic dropdown navigation bar was added to the top of the page, there is also quick links at the bottom of the page.

A new full width layout allows website visitors on various devices, such as a 4k TV or iPhone 7 to view content that will automatically adjust based on the viewers screen size for a responsive design.

The site now has animations to enhance the look and storytelling, making the experience more interactive and engaging. Each loading graphic, button and hover animation was considered carefully in order to add to the sites personality.

Get Involved in the 2017 811 Run – August 12, 2017

Planning for the 2017 811 Run will begin next month, if you want to be involved as a runner/walker, volunteer or sponsor please email Whitney Cregger at [email protected]. Watch the 2016 811 Run video here. The 2017 811 Run will be held on Saturday, August 12, 2017.

2017 Safe Dig Month Banners and Wall Calendars

Contact us to get your 2017 wall calendars and Safe Dig Month Banners

Colorado 811 is now accepting requests for 2017 Safe Dig Month banners, please email Whitney Cregger at [email protected] with your company information and the quantity of banners you would like. We ask that the banners are displayed in high traffic areas, job sites or company offices.

The 2017 large wall calendars are now available. The calendars will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. To secure your 2017 calendars for your office(s), please contact our front desk at (303) 232-1991 or you can send the CO811 administration team an email.

If you are not located in the Denver Metro area, we can ship the calendars directly to you, please let us know when you call or email our team. The calendar dimensions are 22″ x 28″.




Holiday Closure Reminder

Colorado 811 Member Services 

The holidays are quickly approaching and we would like to remind Colorado 811 members to submit any holidays your company is closed to the CO811 Member Services Department. On Federal Holidays we will give you a courtesy call for emergency and damage locate requests to the after hours phone number registered. We will be closed for Thanksgiving but open for business the day after. Since Christmas falls on a Sunday, we will observe the holiday on Monday 12/26/2017. The same goes for New Year’s Day, observed on 01/02/2017.

Another important reminder is to keep all contacts and notification area coverage up to date to insure there are no missed locates.

We appreciate all you do for the excavating community and damage prevention. For questions or concern regarding your membership, please email [email protected].


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