Landscaping For A Dry Climate

Has it ever happened to you to complain that you live in an arid area and you cannot have a beautiful garden because nothing seems to resist? If so, you will be happy to know that there are landscaping solutions even for your situation.

In areas with arid climate, dry winds, drought and sunlight in the summer constitute real challenges for those who want to set up their garden. In such a place, you cannot plant anything you want and expect to grow. You should observe which plants are adapted to local weather conditions and use them. In order to protect your garden from winds, it is not a bad idea also to plant some trees that grow even on poor soils. Besides them, many shrub species can be grown in a dry climate and they are very decorative for a garden.

For setting up a small herbal area that can successfully replace the lawn (which has no chance of developing without plenty of water), it is recommended to consider perennial plants. A patch of medicinal herbs has a double role: it provides us with a green pharmacy and contributes to the diversification of the plant variety around the home. In their immediate vicinity, aromatic plants can find their well-deserved place.

Before digging anywhere, please make sure skilled underground cable locator contractors are called to identify water and electrical wires that may be buried. This will ensure the saftely of yourself and contractors in the landscaping process.




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By Harriet
How To Save Money on your Landscaping

To have a beautiful garden, a green oasis where you can relax, you need a little creativity and time. Without investing a lot of money, you can reuse various old objects that can be turned into unique ornaments.

  • An old cauldron

This item can be turned into a fabulous pot. You can also overturned it to the ground, throwing a handful of flower seeds in its extension. When they grow up, they will look like flowing out of it. A lovely picture!

  • PET bottles

Plastic bottles a real raw material for setting up a suspended mini-garden. You can cut, color or decorate them according to the desired effect and you can easily create a hanging system, symmetrical or asymmetrical, on the surface of a wall. You can plant aromatic herbs, needed by the kitchen, or flowers, which, once mature, will dress the wall in a very beautiful way.

A perforated pet can also become a wonderful sprinkler that you can use to soak your flowers.

  • Old tires

Tires, bigger or smaller, can be cut into different shapes so that the interior creates an area where you can put soil and plant flower seeds. Of course, they can be painted in any color.

  • Last but not least, consider paved alleys with natural stones, as well as pots made of anything!

However you put your creative juices to work, make sure if digging is involved in any of your projects, you secure underground wire location services to keep you and your neighbors safe and healthy!


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By Harriet
Great landscaping Design Ideas

The garden is a place where we relax and which we love to attend. We all want to make it the place that we are proud of, with beautiful decorations and plants that care for every day. It is not necessary to hire a landscaping expert in order to feel like a king in your own garden. If you have a patch of land, you can transform it into a delightful garden with some creative landscaping ideas.

Whether you have a small, large or medium sized garden, you will surely find at least an attractive idea among the ones that we have prepared for you.

  • Decorative wooden wheels

Large wooden wheels can be divided into equal portions in which you can plant different flower seeds. The effect will be very aesthetically pleasing

  • Wheels made of old tires, colored in different ways and filled with flowers
  • An old bicycle can be a great decorative item in your garden, if you fill its baskets with flowing flowers
  • Stones that light up at night – these decorations load with light from any existing source, after 25-30 minutes of exposure. They imitate the look of natural stones and light up your footsteps
  • A decorative fountain
  • Old wooden trains, with wagons filled with colored flowers
  • An outdoor kitchen, set up in the back yard, with rustic furnishings and decorations
  • Other objects used as pots: old teapots, birdcages, cups and even shoes.

These are all fabulous landscaping ideas that can easily be completed by DIY gardeners. Just remember to contact knowledgeable utility location services and ensure that you safely know where and how to dig in your yard before starting your project!


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By Harriet