Excavator Expedite


Excavator membership is a $100 annual fee.

Expedite is intended to support our Excavator Members by listing locate tickets and positive responses in one place.

Expedite helps excavator members view all tickets that were called into 811 or processed on-line by one or all employees, in one place.

Expedite also allows the user to update a ticket with a click of a button as well as viewing positive responses on each ticket. Expedite holds 30 days’ worth of data for you or your co-workers to access.

Join Colorado 811 Excavator Membership to start using this program!

Contact Member Services at [email protected] for more information.



  • The company must be registered with Colorado 811 as an Excavator Member.
  • Expedite is intended solely for professional excavators.
  • The user will accept responsibility and liability for all functions preformed in Expedite.