Above & Beyond - The Description of a Hero Above & Beyond - The Description of a Hero

Each day there is a long list of jobs that need to be accomplished. Everyone is busy, looking for that extra time to complete the job at hand and find those few extra moments to add to the bottom line of excellence. Often those who do the small and large things that matter are not recognized for their good deeds.

These are dedicated people who everyday feel that they were just doing their job or a private citizen who felt that following up on safety issues was the right thing to do. An Unsung Hero of Damage Prevention is described in those previous words.

Those persons who cared enough about the safety of others and our underground utility infrastructure to go the extra distance. Colorado 811 is often the recipient of our "heroes" deeds, assisting us to connect with people through their experiences.

Last year Colorado 811 recognized twelve (12) dedicated people in Colorado that made a big difference with their extra efforts. We would like to offer our members the same opportunity to recognize someone that went above and beyond in damage prevention to assure high standards of safety and protection to underground facilities and those who rely on them as well as those working around them.

Congratulations to:

Kris McGehee, Colorado Interstate Gas

Dale Johnson, Pauley Construction

Eric Belvill, Brierley and Associates  

Board of Directors, Applewood Sanitation

Jeaninne Koch, YW Electric

Esther Williams, Xcel Energy

Presented at CDPAT:

Ron Smith, Xcel Energy High Pressure Gas

Linda Schroder, Ute Water Conservancy District


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