Legislative FAQs – 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Tier 2 Members need to start paying for tickets as a Tier 1 Member?

All Tier 2 members who convert to Tier 1 will not be charged outgoing transmission fees until January 1, 2021.

Are there new requirements regarding road grading?

Yes, there are new requirements regarding road grading. The Procedures Committee of Colorado 811 is currently devising specific procedures and guidelines that will be available within the next couple of months. (From law: ANNUAL ROAD MAINTENANCE THAT DOES NOT EXCEED SIX INCHES IN DEPTH CONDUCTED BY A GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY ON AN EXISTING UNPAVED ROAD, THE MARKING SHALL BE CONSIDERED VALID FOR UP TO ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY DAYS.)

Will there be a fee for engineering tickets that is different from the existing fee?

 The cost or fee for the outgoing transmission will remain the same for all members. The costs associated with an engineering locate request will be paid by the project owner.

What is ASCE 38 Standard?

ASCE Standards provide technical guidelines for promoting safety, reliability, productivity, and efficiency in civil engineering. For more information please visit

Who is required to locate laterals in the public right-of-way?

 All underground facility owner/operators are responsible for the location of service laterals in the public right-of-way.

What are home rule cities and how are they different?

Home rule cities by the Colorado constitution are cities that have the full right of self-government in local and municipal matters.  The larger home rule cities include Denver, Aurora, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Grand Junction. Home Rule cities can create their own safety commissions and can enforce the one-call law and imposed penalties for failure to comply with the law.

Can an excavator put another excavator on his/her ticket? How many can you list on one ticket?

 Yes, an excavator requiring existing marked underground facilities to be exposed may list a single secondary excavator on its notice to Colorado 811.

Will there be an entity responsible for holding stakeholders accountable under the new law?

Yes, the Colorado Safety Commission will have the responsibility to enforce the provisions of the law related to safe practices.  The Safety Commission can impose penalties for failure to comply with the law.  Home Rule cities may create a safety commission which also have the power to impose penalties for failure to comply with the law.  Facility owners and operators and excavators may bring civil actions for damage claims separate from the actions of the Safety Commission.

How will Colorado 811 provide documentation of the underground facilities in the form of hand written/ digital sketches or photography?

It is Colorado 811’s intent to provide the excavator this information through the Positive Response system.

Will Colorado 811 allow an excavator to white-line a job site or provide a map without defining the dig area on the locate ticket?

No, not at this time.

Did the definition for exemptions change under the new law?

Yes, there are several modifications in the new law regarding exemptions they include: farmers/ranchers and new requirements for governmental agencies relative to road grading. Please note, there is no exemption for gravity fed systems. Although, these exemptions exist it is extremely dangerous to dig without first notifying Colorado 811 for the location of underground facilities.

What is the significance of defining “gravity-fed systems” in the law? Where is it referenced under the new legislation?

Gravity fed systems are now defined to clarify what information has to be provided in the event there is a request for a locate related to sub-surface utility engineering. The law defining this exemption is located at section 9-1.5-102 (3.4).

Can a member convert from Tier 2 to Tier 1 before Jan, 1, 2019?

Yes, a Tier 2 can convert to Tier-1 before Jan. 1, 2019. Colorado 811 has agreed to the conversion at no charge to allow an appropriate amount of time to accommodate all Tier 2 members.

Will there be a Tier 2 Director on the Board of Directors after the new law is passed?

Yes, there will be a Tier 2 Board of Director until December 31, 2020.

Will Colorado 811 provide data to the Safety Commission on an annual basis?

Yes.  Colorado 811 will annually provide a report as well as real time data for the Safety Commission’s work related to underground excavations and safety.

What cities are exempt from complying with the new Safety Commission requirements?

Only Home Rule cities are exempt from complying with the Safety Commission requirements but they must create their own safety commissions.

How will licensed professional engineers receive documentation related to Subsurface Utility Engineering Notifications?

Within 10 days of the notice provided, licensed professional engineers will receive documentation directly from the facility owner/operator.

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By Whitney Nichols
Memorial Day 2018 – Holiday Closure

Colorado 811 will be closed Monday, May 28th, 2018 for Memorial Day. This means the Contact Center will only process Damage and Emergency Requests on the 28th. Normal Locate Requests processed on Thursday, May 24th will be due Tuesday, May 29th at 11:59pm. Normal Locate Requests processed on Friday, May 25th will be due on Wednesday, May 30th at 11:59pm. For any questions or concerns regarding holiday closures, please contact our front desk at (303) 232-1991.

Reminder to Colorado 811 Members:

  • Mark by (Locate By) dates are NOT scheduled on any Federal Holiday
  • The phone number for Colorado 811 to call during holiday closures should be the same as your after hours number
  • If your organization is a non-participant in after hours notification, you WILL NOT be notified on holidays



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By Whitney Nichols
SENATE BILL 18-167 Signed MAY 25, 2018

Senate Bill 18-167 was signed on today, May 25, 2018 by Colorado Legislators. This legislation is aimed at improving safety by enhancing the One Call system (also known as the 811 system) in Colorado by the implementation of an enforcement program, allowing engineering firms to submit locate tickets for subsurface utility engineering and transitioning to a one-tier or true One Call system.

Download the latest version of the Senate Bill 18-167.

Download the Senate Bill 18-167 Press Release.


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By Whitney Nichols
National Safe Digging Month 2018

April 1st marks the start of National Safe Dig Month in Colorado and across the country. On this page you will find Colorado 811’s various campaigns to promote Safe Digging Month. You will also find resources to help your organization support and promote safe digging practices during the month of April.

To view the 2018 Governor’s Proclamation, click here.

To view and download CO811’s 2018 Safe Digging Month press release, click here.

To view and download CO811’s Safe Digging Month social media messages, click here.


In 2017 Colorado 811 partnered with fire stations across the state to hang banners outside of their fire stations in hopes to reach more local communities to spread the safe digging message. For the 2018 banner campaign, CO811 is asking the fire stations to hang the banners again, but get creative in sharing the messages on social media through the Safe Dig Month Banner Photo Contest.

The contest will start on April 1st and end on April 30th. The stations must take a creative photo displaying their banner and post it to Facebook and Twitter using the hashtags #SafeDigMonth and #CO811. The winning fire stations will receive a $750 King Soopers gift card.

2017 Safe Dig Month Banner Contest winner – Federal Heights Fire Rescue

Follow Colorado on Facebook and Twitter to see photos from the various fire stations.


Join CO811 for a month-long web promotion beginning April 1, 2018. “Dig” for prizes each day of April with a virtual shovel into 1 of 20 virtual “dirt piles” in hopes of finding a prize underneath. Get ready to win $8,500 of great prizes during the month. Users may return to each day for another chance to win until April 30.

The promotion allows visitors one dig per day. However, bonus questions are included as well, to not only give users the ability to learn more about 811 and the importance of safe digging, but also to earn an extra “dig” to double a user’s chances of winning a prize every day. Be careful! Dig in the wrong area and you could hit a water, gas, power, phone or sewer line, resulting in no prize for that particular day. Lucky diggers have the chance to win an iPad, Apple Watch, GoPro, Beats Headphones, Macbook Air, Amazon Alexa, XBox 360, Call 811 shirts and mugs and gift cards from VISA, iTunes, Amazon and Starbucks. Contact 8-1-1 before starting any digging project.

Lowe’s Tree Wrap Partnership

Colorado 811 and 811’s nationwide are working with home improvement retailer Lowe’s to share an important message – call before you dig. By placing an 811 safe digging partner sticker and “Call 811 before you dig” message on the planting instructions of tree wraps, customers are reminded of the importance of locating underground utilities before beginning a project. Visit any Lowe’s store nationwide. #811Lowes

Home Depot Tree Wrap Partnership

We have exciting news! 811 and Home Depot have collaborated to share the Call Before You Dig message on all of their tree wraps nationwide! Georgia 811 Corporate Communications Manager, Megan Estes, secured the national partnership with the world’s largest home improvement store in 2017 with a scheduled debut for the 2018 growing season. By the end of February 2018, there were over 500,000 wraps already distributed and that number will only continue to grow throughout the Spring. So next time you find yourself in Home Depot, make sure to visit the gardening department to snap a photo with our 811 tree wraps. Share your photo on social media with #811HomeDepot so we can all participate in this exciting new partnership.


CU Buff Partnership

Colorado 811 is teaming up with the Colorado Buffaloes to promote 811 to students, alumni and Buff fans during the month of April. Keep your eye out for collaborative social media posts from the CU Buffs and CO 811! We will also be partnering with the Buffs for their 2018 football season.



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By Whitney Nichols
CO811 Email Address Spoofed


If you receive or have received an email from ‘Melrae’ or ‘Member-Services’ from any domain listed below and a .DOC attachment please do not open the attachment or click on it.

Please let your IT department know about these emails or if you have already clicked on these attachments.

We apologize and are diligently working to find and correct the problem.


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By Whitney Nichols
PHMSA 811 Video Contest

This is an exciting contest that provides teaching and learning opportunities for students on the critical topic of safety awareness. Students who understand the importance of being safe near underground pipelines and where energy sources are present are better prepared to make critical decisions that will ensure a safe environment.

It is designed to combine a student’s originality and artistic talent with the ability to share the important message of Know What’s Below, Call 811 Before You Dig. Grade levels for entries are 9-12. The teacher’s role is to direct and motivate students to submit video entries.

The student’s role is to work individually or as a team of two to produce an original video (2 minutes or less) and write an explanation of his/her understanding of the Call 811 theme. The contest packet includes a brochure, flier, entry forms and NEF’s Natural Gas Safety Poster.  Notification of awards will occur by May 24, 2018.  Contest entry deadline is April 27, 2018.

Click here for more information


  • One grand prize individual or individuals in a team of two will (each) receive a laptop computer (valued up to $1500)Call 811 T-shirts will also be provided to the student(s) and their teacher.
  • The teacher of the grand prize winner or team will be awarded an $811 classroom education mini-grant.
  • Two honorable mention winners or teams (of two students) and their teachers will receive a 32GB WiFi enabled iPad. All honorable mention students and teachers will receive Call 811 T-shirts.

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By Whitney Nichols
PHMSA 811 Poster Contest

This is an exciting contest that provides teaching and learning opportunities for students on the critical topic of safety awareness. Students who understand the importance of being safe near underground pipelines and where energy sources are present are better prepared to make critical decisions that will ensure a safe environment. It is designed to combine a student’s originality and artistic talent with the ability to share the important message of Know What’s Below, Call 811 Before You Dig.

Grade levels for entries are 4-6. Home-schooled students are eligible also. Parents may register for an informational packet.

For classroom registrations, the teacher’s role is to direct and motivate students and to submit all student entries. The student’s role is to produce an original poster and write an explanation of his or her understanding of the 811 theme. The contest packet includes: an instructional poster, brochure, flier, classroom set of poster boards for student art and a postage-paid return envelope to submit entries.  Notification of awards will occur by May 24, 2018.  Contest entry deadline is April 27, 2018. Click here for more information.

Click here to Register


  • The first 811 student entries received will be awarded Call 811 T-shirts and all other entries will receive Certificates of Appreciation.
  • The grand prize winner will be awarded: a trip to Washington D.C. (for the student and a parent/guardian) in 0r before August 2018.
  • The teacher of the grand prize winner will be awarded: a classroom education grant of $811.
  • Two honorable mention winners and their teachers will be awarded Kindle Fire with Alexa tablets.

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By Whitney Nichols
February CGA Update

The February issue of the Common Ground Alliance Update is now available. Read it here.


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By Whitney Nichols

April is National Safe Digging Month and Colorado 811 is asking fire stations across the state to show their support during the month of April by reminding their local communities and residents to click or call 811 before any digging project, no matter how large or small. It’s simple, we provide the banners and ask your stations to hang them for the month of April. The winner will receive a $750 gift card to King Soopers. Get the details below!

Click here for the BANNER ORDER FORM

Banner Photo Contest Requirements:

  • Hang or display safe digging banners for the month of April – We’ll provide the banners, free of charge (if you did not already receive one from last year, please fill out the order form above)
  • Take a creative photo incorporating the banner and post it to your social media accounts, using the hashtags #SafeDigMonth and #CO811
  • Tag and like Colorado 811 on Facebook and follow on Twitter
  • Once the fire stations have done this, they will be entered into the contest

This campaign is limited to 250 banners, so place your order ASAP. Banner orders must be placed by Monday, March 26, 2018. If you have questions regarding the banners or this contest please contact Whitney Cregger at [email protected] or (303) 205-6372. Your banner must be visible in front of your fire station during the month of April.

Be creative and have fun! The winner will receive a $750 King Soopers gift card for their fire station. Winners will be judged on creativity and sharing the message on social media, so don’t forget to use the hashtags #SafeDigMonth and #CO811. Winners of the Safe Dig Month Banner Photo Contest will be announced in early May.

Photos of the banners and fire stations will be posted on our website, social media sites and included in our newsletter.

Last Year’s Submissions

2017 Safe Dig Month Banner Contest Winner – Federal Heights Fire Rescue


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By Whitney Nichols
Legislative Action Alert

Call or E-mail Lawmakers TODAY.  Tell them to vote YES on SB 18-167!

We need your help. The Colorado Contractor Association (CCA) has worked closely with a broad coalition of interests to make changes and updates to the 811 program. Please call and email members of the Senate Finance Committee.

Senator Jim Smallwood, Vice Chair
Phone: 303-866-4869, E-mail: [email protected]
Senator Lois Court
Phone: 303-866-4861, E-mail: [email protected]
Senator Cherri Jahn
Phone: 303-866-4856, E-mail: [email protected]
Senator Jack Tate
Phone: 303-866-4883, E-mail: [email protected]
About SB 18-167
Colorado’s 811 One-Call Program was created in 1981 to prevent injury to persons and damage to property resulting from damage to underground facilities during excavation.
The 811 law established a single statewide notification system administered by an association of the owners and operators of underground facilities. Through the notification association, excavators obtain crucial information regarding the location of underground facilities prior to excavation, thereby greatly reducing risks of injuries or damages.
In a Nutshell, the bill updates best practices, provides for tier transition, and creates an enforcement provision…
SB 18-167 updates current law to address industry advancements and best practices:
  • Adds a requirement that all newly installed facilities are locatable, by which Colorado can make it easier to find – and protect – those facilities the next time excavation is required
  • Subsurface utility engineering: For government-owned projects, establishes guidelines on the information to be included in bid plans stamped by a licensed civil engineer for horizontal projects. This information improves construction plans by reducing the number of unknowns prior to construction, thereby reducing the amount of risk that must be priced into a contractor’s bid while also reducing the number of times projects are delayed due to a contractor encountering an unexpected utility.
  • Clarifies duties of owners and operators in marking the location of facilities and the duties of excavators in having adequate markings throughout the excavation period.
Provides for Tier Membership Transition…
  • Phases in a true “one-call” system by eliminating the tiered membership provisions, (within two years after the effective date of the bill) and removes the exemption for the Colorado Department of Transportation.
  • Specifies that current Tier-2 members will begin to receive the same electronic notifications as Tier-1 members from Colorado 811 beginning on the effective date of the bill but no later than January 1, 2019, at no cost for two years.
  • A true “one-call” system improves safety by ensuring all owners and operators receive notification of excavation activities from the 811 Notification Association. It will also improve efficiency: the current system adds time and confusion to the pre-excavation notification process by requiring excavators to make multiple calls to facility owners.
Creates an Enforcement Provision…
  • Creates an Underground Damage Prevention Safety Commission composed of representatives from local government, owners or operators, excavators and the Chief Executive Officer of the Notification Association.
  • Authorizes the Safety Commission to accept and review complaints and impose penalties that may include remedial action such as training and education as well as penalties.
  • Does not impact any person’s ability to pursue civil remedies and reasonable attorney fees for personal injury or property damage.
  • Establishes an even playing field and applies enforcement equally to all participants of the state’s One-Call Program while acknowledging local government authority to enforce its own program requirements.
Please call members of the Senate Finance Committee and ask lawmakers to vote YES on SB 18-167.

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By Whitney Nichols