Procedure Guide

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  • Hours of Operation
  • Glossary
  • Required Information for
    Requesting a Locate
  • Normal Request
  • Non-Compliance Request
  • Cancel Request
  • Second Notice Request
  • Relocate/Refresh Request
  • Emergency Request Page
  • Damage Request Page
  • Engineering Request


Color Code

The facility owner or their contract locator will mark the ground with either flags or paint. The colors below are industry standard and each color identifies a specific type of utility.

Excavator Handbook

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  • Determining whom and when to call prior to excavation
  • Types of locate requests processed by colorado 811
  • Guidelines for preparing to call prior to excavation
  • What happens after the call is made
  • Responsibilities of the facility owner(s)/operator(s)
    (after receiving the locate request)
  • Responsibilities of the excavator
    (after making the call for a locate request)
  • Reporting problems
  • One-call legislation
  • Other applicable laws and regulation
  • Recognizing and responding to emergencies involving
  • Damaged facilities

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